Lent is Here!

bbf8de0d6a5bdf289bed44c0c753d2c0Is it weird that Lent is one of my favorite seasons? I mean who else gets excited about sacrificing their favorite indulgences, watching Jesus suffer in the desert, and let’s not forget about the mass where we crucify Jesus. It’s almost scaring, but there is just a special place in my heart for lent. Over the years, I have always felt a sweet pull back to the church during Lent. Even as a “lukewarm Catholic,” as I like to call it, I always found my way back for Ash Wednesday and every Sunday during Lent. Looking back it was God’s way of keeping His love in my heart even if it was just for one small stint every year. I find such beauty in the masses, especially Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday. Ash Wednesday is such a beautiful reminder of keeping God is our heart, and Matthew 6 is my favorite passage of the Bible. Then Palm Sunday, though completely heart wrenching, helps us to truly understand the love that Christ has for us no matter the circumstance. Watching Him die on the cross always humbles me, and reminds me of just how honored I am that He died for my sins. It’s something we should remember every week, but the wonderful reminders this time of year fills me with such love.

And then of course, who can forget about fasting. Those outside of the faith tend to either think us crazy or really admire the feat. Fasting has always been a way for me to truly connect with the Lord. I am a big proponent in giving something up so that it strengths your relationship with God and others. Something that we struggle with, something that will make us squirm uncomfortably a little. The past couple of years I have given up my Sunday mornings. For someone who hardly ever went to church, the best thing that I could do during Lent is spending sacred time with the Lord. This year things are a little different. I haven’t missed a Sunday in months, and I frequently attend the Tuesday night candlelight service so saying that my Lent penance is going to church just won’t do. I thought about giving up my coffee (which I practically live on) but realized that I wasn’t going to get anything out of that. I am still going to give up coffee on days of fasting and abstinence and donate the money I save by not buying the fancy coffee shop lattes that I like, but I felt that nothing in that strengthened my faith. So I was back to thinking. As I was sitting on my couch thumbing through Facebook, I realized was I needed to fast from: social media. Every day I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Facebook and Instagram that I could instead use to get ahead on school work, study scripture, or spend quality time with the Lord. So starting tomorrow it will be no Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or other forms of social media. I am keeping the blog up and running because this is a great way for me to share my discoveries and spread the love of God (I just won’t be scrolling through the reader anytime soon.) I know it will be tough, especially the first week, but I can’t wait to see what this new free time brings me.

So get excited because Lent is here as well as the beauty of the Easter Season! I cannot wait to see the beauty that is brings and being reminded that HE IS RISEN!


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