Waiting on the Word

Last week I got a text from my old cross country assistant coach. It read:

“Hey, so we are having a meeting about Girls in the Game, and your name came up about former athletes to speak. Would you be interested in speaking?”

It then went of on a couple more details and how it was understood that I was busy with school, but those first two sentences made my heart completely jump! Girls in the Game is a fundraiser put on by my old university as a fundraiser for women’s athletics. It bring in supporters and young girls from the community for a wonderful lunch and emphasizes the importance of athletics for girls of all ages. I became so hopeful for a number of reasons. One of my big goals in life is to inspire young girls to pursue their passions. While my big dream is to inspire girls in STEM, I feel that this could be the first in many steps. And athletics has been an important aspect of my life. I won’t lie though, the excuse to travel back to my long time home and see my friends is what is really driving the flame.

When I first sat down to write this article, I approached it in a completely different way than I am approaching it now. Through this week, I have been so completely terrified about getting excited for this event. I tried and failed to not let my emotions get the best of me. There is so much unknown left in this event. The date isn’t set yet, and if they pick another date I may not be able to get out of school. They may pick another speaker who is closer and cheaper to bring in.  I have long lived my life on the path of least risk and one of the laws of that road is don’t get your hopes high. The higher you get you hope, the more the heartbreak hurts when you fall. If you don’t have expectations, then you won’t get hurt.

Thanks Pinterest 🙂

As I was sitting at mass tonight, I realized that the way I was approaching this, with such fear and worry about what would happen to me, is completely wrong! I’m not called to live my life in fear! Instead, I’m only going to find myself in new and exciting places if I take a leap of faith. And the thing with taking those leaps is that there will be fear of hitting the bottom, but we have to trust that God will be there at the bottom waiting to catch us if things don’t go the way that we have planned. 

The thing with it is, if we are excited beyond explanation, then we are probably heading down a path that God wants us to be on. Maybe I’m not meant to go to Georgia in April, but the fruits of the possibility is already showing their pretty blossoms. I’ve learned a valuable lesson about learning to trust God and I’ve gotten more excited about spending a little more time with Him each day. I have gotten excited about writing again (I am on here after an extremely long absence, am I not?), and because of that I have gotten more motivated to leave the house and do my studying in a timely manor (maybe I am seeing my prayers to be more motivated being answered).

So I’m going to get excited about the possibility of traveling to my home away from home! I’m going to get excited about surprising my best friend! I’m going to start a countdown clock on my background! I’m going to take a leap of faith and know that if everything comes crashing down that God has me and that I am getting something just as great out of the experience!


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