A little bit of life

So I’ve been away for a little while – sorry about that! However, in an attempt to get off of social media and to start looking for more fulfilling ways to spend my time, I am back. I thought for now I would just give a little update of life so far.

  1. School is going fantastic!

    I’m a few months in and a little over a week away from fall/Thanksgiving break. That’s a little terrifying. But I am getting through and doing it successfully. My first round of midterms boosted my confidence and showed me that this is truly where I belong and what I want to study. Second round of midterms started last week and go through next Friday, so we will see if this trend continues.

  2. God is doing such great things!

    I could not have asked to be a member of a better church. There is so much love within the community and I have made so many sweet friends during my time at St. Thomas. The Lord has been speaking to me in such wonderful ways. I can wait to share my stories of His love, mercy, and forgiveness in my life and share what I learn from Him as I start my new journey.

  3. I joined a sorority!

    More crazy news! I never in a million years would have thought that I sorority would have been a good fit for me. But the girls of Phi Sigma Rho – an engineering sorority new to the University of Colorado – has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made to date. These girls have been a great encouragement while pursuing such a difficult major. I cannot wait to see where the journey with my sisters take me.

  4. I am enjoying the many adventures that Boulder provides

    Being in the heart of the mountains is such a blessing. There is not a day that passes that I don’t look up while walking home from class and feel absolutely amazed by the beauty that surrounds me. I have taken the opportunity to get out and explore the area, especially Chautauqua Park just down the street from my apartment. I’ve already climbed Green Mountain twice! Now just to climb a fourteener sometime next spring!

So long story short, I am enjoying my time here! I hope to be posting more often with a multitude of stories, lessons, and adventures so stay tuned! But for now I should probably stop writing and get back to studying for my midterm tomorrow!


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