Welcome to Boulder

All good things must come to an end, and so it was with this summer. Though moving did make for a stressful and sad short period, my overall experience was fantastic! I got to meet a lot of great new people, worked in a fabulous environment with the best team, and saw some pretty amazing sights! But it’s time for all that to come to a close, because, well.. SCHOOL!

I have not been this excited about school starting in a long time. While I was ecstatic last year about going back to Georgia and seeing my friends, running my last year of cross-country, and getting to participate in everything being a senior entails, I did not want to take any classes. By this time last year I was starting to grow a little weary of being in classes that I didn’t want to take to get a degree I didn’t really need. I was so blessed to have wonderful friends surrounding me that turned a long and stressful school year into a complete success (I mean I did graduate as one of the top students in my class!)

This year though things are the exact opposite. While I don’t know anyone, I am super excited about finally pursuing the major that I have always wanted to! The whole process started last Friday when I moved to Boulder, Colorado home to the main branch of the University of Colorado. I am staying in a quant little townhouse about half a mile from campus with three other girls. While the neighborhood is a little rowdy and noisy on the weekend (I am finally in a college town after all) the location is prime. My roommates come from all over the United States, and so far we are getting along really well for never having met each other before. My fingers are crossed that the next few months with them go as smoothly as the last few days have.

Last night I went to mass and was able to meet with the Catholic ministry here at the campus. I am so thrilled with where God has placed me and the fruits that are going to come from it. The missionaries, priests, and other students are so nice, welcoming, and have a heart full of love for Jesus. Hopefully I will be place in a bible study soon, and will get to meet many more people that way. I am also looking forward to the retreats and outings that the group goes on frequently. I  was told last night that they hiked a 14er last year, and I immediately knew that I was where I belonged! It’s been a dream of mine to hike a mountain since I first got to Colorado. I’m sure they will be an inspiration for many posts to come.

And of course there is school to talk about. Classes started today (August 22) and I have nothing to complain about so far, but then again I have only been to two classes. I have another this afternoon, but tomorrow is the full load with four classes. I may have another story tomorrow night.

So for today, here is to a successful semester, great friends, and many unforgettable memories to come.


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